True Dare Kiss

Paul starred as Nash in this 6-part BBC drama, which started on June 28th 2007 and ran until August 2nd.

The following information is from the BBC Press Pack for True Dare Kiss. To read more about this drama, including biographies on the other characters, go to the BBC/True Dare Kiss site.


Paul McGann plays Nash (mid-forties)

Sexy Nash is Nita's (Pooky Quesnel) husband and father to their teenagers Lola (Samantha Blakey) and Ethan (Nicky Bell).

His ex-lover Phil's (Dervla Kirwan) reappearance throws his life out of kilter. Professionally, Nash tries to keep life simple. He's a bespoke builder who has vowed to keep his and Nita's business interests separate, but even this side of his life gets complicated.

"True Dare Kiss is a story of loyalty, mistrust, love and dysfunction of sibling's roles and the hierarchy that goes on in families. Anybody with a bunch of siblings will identify with them pretty readily," says Paul.

"It's great stuff, and it's a rich area to plunder for dramatist which is why they have been doing it for centuries. Families are either at war or thinking about the next war or just having a Cold War, and this is not different. Collectively and individually, there are secrets what we call skeletons in the cupboards and that is interesting.

"Nash is a successful carpenter who's been around this family for 20-odd years. He's been out with a couple of the girls, again this is nothing highly unusual in itself except that the sister who left is about to come back for the father's funeral. This is still a source of deep interest to his now wife, her sisters and of course Nash.

"It's almost like Friend's Reunited. When Friend's Reunited started six or seven years ago, we read about people who tried to find people they went out with 20 years ago or more who in their right mind really thinks it would be a good idea to go back in that way? Perhaps some people do, but I don't personally.

"But the passion that existed between Nash and Phil (Dervla Kirwan); at least he's convinced himself that it's something that he never really quite got over. I don't think his character is good or bad but it's fair to say that he makes the most of his opportunities," says the 47-year-old actor.

"I've always liked Manchester of course. I come from only half an hour away down the road. I just love these Northern cities; I'm a bit biased for them. I find Manchester exciting, and I love the people there. I'm glad the BBC is moving its stuff up there I'd go back tomorrow," continues the Liverpool-born actor.

"I was appalled being a Liverpool fan that I'd have to play a Manchester United fan (in True Dare Kiss). They all giggled that day at my expense in the rehearsals when I was told: 'no, no, come on, join in, you've got to be a Manchester United fan like everyone else' and I said to writer Debbie (Horsfield) 'please don't give me any dialogue. And count me out of the songs'.

"I was telling my brothers and my kids, and they were saying: 'oh no, you're going to have to wear the shirt and stuff'. Fortunately, the day they went to Old Trafford to film, Nash was off somewhere else seeing Phil, so I got away with it," laughs the former star of Doctor Who.

Paul's role as Nash

This role suits Paul down to the ground.

Nash is charming, sexy, sparky and very lovable. With a constant smile on his face and his eyes twinkling, it was inevitable he would meet up alone with his sister-in-law and one time partner Phil. It is hard to feel any sympathy for Nita, though she follows him to see what he is up to. Her character isn't likeable and left me feeling she deserved what she got!

Lucy Mangan from The Guardian reviewed it perfectly when she commented "it looks as if she's going to embark on an affair with Paul McGann - partly because they were lovers before he got together with Nita and partly because, well, you would, wouldn't you?"!

As this series progresses we're seeing more of Nash and it's a delight to see Paul really get into this role. As his character is developing we are seeing this family man, staying with his wife, though married in name only, but in need of affection that he is looking elsewhere for and where better than your ex, who you've never fallen out of love with?

Paul described his character well when he stated that he was playing a 'randy carpenter'!


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