Paul & Matinee Idles.

Paul (far right) and the Matinee Idles just having a blast onstage.

On 11th June 2006 Paul appeared at The Rex Cinema, Berkhamsted, for a fantastic evening's entertainment.

This was a Gala Silent Cinema/Live Music Event, with The Matinee Idles and the Shrine Synchrosystem. The show opened with Paul and the Matinee Idles - ex Darts members Den Hegarty, Griff Fender and Pikey Butler plus Debbie Charles from The Mint Julips. They opened with 'This is the Night for Love' and sang three songs before leaving the stage - although not before asssuring us they would be back!

We were then treated to Laurel and Hardy's 'Big Business' (1929), with live piano accompaniment.

The Matinee Idles returned with the haunting 'So Hard to Laugh'. This was sung with 'Silent Clowns' being shown, a short film of many silent movie stars who are no longer with us. They then continued with 'Rhythm and Blues', 'My Love is lifting me Higher', 'Ruby' (on which Paul took the lead vocal) and finished with 'Sunday Kind of Love'. After a short interval, there was an introduction to the main film 'Nanook of the North'. Filmed in 1922, it is a simple account of the life of Nanook (an inuit living east of Hudson Bay) and his family.

This was accompanied by a live, semi-improvised score from The Shrine Synchrosystem - which, we were assured, was a world first!

It was an incredibly entertaining evening in a wonderful venue - if you've never been to The Rex before, then make it a priority!

For fans of Paul though, seeing him perform was a treat in itself - he enjoyed himself immensely and the rapport between the group on stage was wonderful. Let's hope we see them back in action soon!

Paul taking the lead on 'Ruby Baby'

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