Help! was a sitcom set in Liverpool and starred three lovable, unemployed 19 year old dreamers, struggling to survive on the dole. They were willing to help anyone kind enough to offer them work, even taking a job as grave diggers in one hilarious episode. The author of the series, Joe Boyle, wanted to

present an unashamedly upbeat view of life in Liverpool and commented at the time “there are a lot of people in Liverpool like these three, but they are never seen on television".

Stephen played the part of Tex, the unofficial leader of the group, who was always optimistic, enthusiastic and liked to take chances wherever and whenever an opportunity presented itself, but unfortunately he didn’t seem to be blessed by too much good luck! His two companions were Lenny (David Albany), the philosopher and poet of the group -having passed Grade 4 CSE English Literature - and Davva (Jake Abraham) who was cruelly rumoured to be Merseyside’s first living brain-transplant donor. The intrepid trio had made a pact not to lie rotting in their beds and met each morning in a park shelter to discuss their plans for the day ahead. The final scene of each episode also took place in the park shelter, where the boys took time to reflect on their daily achievements which usually amounted to nothing or very little and discuss their next venture - turkey flavoured custard powder being one of them. The series was filmed at Pebble Mill Studios, Birmingham and on location in various parts of the country, including Blackpool, doubling up as an allotment in Liverpool when a baby elephant (that I understand was borrowed from Blackpool Zoo) was required for a scene involving a circus.

Review by Sam Parker

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