Ghosts on The Underground

Ghosts on The Underground

Paul narrated this documentary on The London Underground and the apparent 'other worldly' sightings that have been witnessed there.

The programme started off with the story of Liverpool Street Station. A man in white overalls had been seen at 2am in the locked down station, but upon investigation no-one was to be seen. However the man in the CCTV room had seen the railway worker walk straight past the overalled man. After this had happened 3 times, the railway worker turned around to see a pile of white overalls on a bench in the station. A later excavation above the station found a mass burial site of uncoffined bodies - in some places as many as 8 bodies per cubic metre.

Paul then told us of Bank station and the banging noises heard there frequently - the ticket hall was a former crypt.

Next was Kennington Loop, where trains turn around but no passengers are on them. Several workers, at different times, have told the story of train doors systematically closing throughout the empty trains.

Hyde Park Corner followed with a face apperaring to a worker through a wall. At another station a faceless woman is frequently seen walking behind people down the tunnels and Bruno Hautmann (strapped in his electric chair) appeared in the background of a photograph taken on a train.

The stories were told without any mass drama and with the steady voice of Paul in the background, soothing us with a theory of low frequency noises giving people false impressions of things.

As the documentary ended, however, Paul, the voice of reason throughout, informed us "The next time you are on a train, take comfort from the fact that you are not alone. And if you are not on your own, is the person next to you real, or a ghost?"

This was a fascinating insight into the world of the railway workers - did you know, for instance, that some people have the job of 'track walking' - which is literally walking down empty tracks at night between stations?

In the construction of the underground, many graves have been disturbed and many deaths have occurred, murders and accidents. This programme highlighted a few of them and I, for one, will be looking very carefully around me next time I'm on the London underground!

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