Fables of Forgotten Things

Written by Simon Allen and directed by Toby Meakins, Fables of Forgotten Things evolved from their earlier short film A Fairytale of Forgotten Things. It was originally developed as a pilot for an autumnal children's drama series like those we loved when we were very young (e.g. 'the Box of Delights'). Shortly after it was finished the company to whom it was optioned went into receivership so very few people have had the opportunity to see it until recently when the rights returned to them.

Paul as Clarence with James Bird as Danny


A mysterious drifter and his young friend must save a frightened, forgetful old lady from a memory eating ghost who has taken over her home. With nothing but a box full of whispering spiders and a bottle of vintage dust, Clarence and Danny have to help the old lady stumble upon a forgotten dance shoe in the hope that one happy memory can bring back a million others...


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