Drama Direct

Drama Direct

***Gift Certificates available***

Stage acting classes, to be held at the Merlin Theatre, Frome.

Saturday 18th August 2012

Sunday 21st October 2012

Screen acting classes, to be held at the Merlin Theatre, Frome.

Saturday 22nd September 2012

To book: 01373 471486

e-mail mark@dramadirect.net

ABOUT THE CLASSES: Open to everyone 16 and above, these quite uniquely affirming days have been variously described by past participants as 'extraordinary', 'life-changing' and 'invaluable'. Packed with professional and practical insight from Mark's experiences at the highest professional levels of performance and production both internationally and in the UK, these classes have become extremely popular with professional and non professional performers of all ages and skill levels. Mark's bold attempt to offer everyone the chance to share the magic of this most affecting and inspiring of art forms, has been nothing less than a revelation and a huge success from the moment the concept was conceived.

Come and see what all the fuss is about. Come and experience the actor in you!

Screen Acting Masterclasses

Hardwick House, Oxfordshire

Saturday 28th July 2012

Saturday 25th August 2012

The advantages of filming at Hardwick rather than on a theatre stage are obvious as the  production values are more akin to filming on a lavish filmset. There is also amazing scope for shooting in different parts of this most beautiful stately home, which can serve to enhance both historical and contemporary scripts. All participants will receive a fully edited DVD  of the day's scenes.

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