Bristol Silents

Bristol Silentí events and Paulís involvement

Local silent film enthusiasts Chris Daniels and Norman Taylor formed Bristol Silents in August 2000 to promote and celebrate Silent Cinema nationally. Initially the programme began with a short season of Louise Brooks films at Arnolfini in October 2000.

2002 saw their first events at Watershed Media Centre and Bristol Silents has gone from strength to strength ever since. From national tours of silent programmes to their hugely successful sell-out first Slapstick Silent Comedy Festival in 2005 their ongoing partnership with Watershed has helped to establish an international reputation for silent film programming and live events.

Their aim is to raise awareness and knowledge of these films amongst the film going public, support and present a range of Silent films along with educational programmes designed to increase understanding and appreciation of this unique art form.

Silent film screenings can suffer from poor quality prints being shown, sometimes with sub-standard or totally inappropriate musical accompaniments and often at the wrong speed. In addition the historical/social context and conditions of the film may not be known so audiences may struggle to understand the action and read the nature of the film.

Bristol Silents aim to provide an authentic experience of Silent Cinema

Paul is a patron of Bristol Silents and makes regular contributions to both their live events and their club screenings.

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