A Bit of Slap and Tickle

'A Bit of Slap and Tickle'

Colston Hall, Bristol, Friday 24th October 2008

This was a fundraiser for Bristol Silents and what an event!

Phil Jupitus compered the evening in his usual, inimitable style - full of laughs but not suitable for the under 18's!!!!!!

He introduced us first to The Matinee Idles who came on stage and set the evening off to a great start. they sang six songs and had great fun doing so - my only slight disappointment being that Paul didn't take lead vocals on any of them, but he was having fun, as were all of the group!

Gary Kemp was next on stage - his first live performance in 15 years and what a show he gave us. He sang some of his newer songs as well as 'True' and 'Through the Barricades' which he had written for Spandau Ballet. He then introduced his best friend, Paul McGann. Paul came back on stage and sang 'Roses of Picardy', accompanied by Gary on guitar. This, for me, was the highlight of the evening. Paul dedicated it to Harry Patch, the last surviving veteran of WW1. By the end of the song there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Gary Kemp sang the next song in tears and even Phil Jupitus came back on unashamedly crying. A very moving moment.

Neil Innes was next to pick up the pace of the show and take us through to the interval and what a livley set he provided!

The second half of the show was Phil Jupitus headlining with Ian Dury's Blockheads who had the crowd up on their feet for a livley second act!!!

A wonderful evening and hopefully a great fund-raiser for the Bristol Silents!

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